MotorTrend Got It Wrong - The Pages Of My Favorite Car Magazine Is Not The Place For Social Justice

Posted on: Tue, 08/04/2020 - 17:30 By: admin



I am getting so tired of this.  Just got the latest copy of MotorTrend magazine in my mailbox.

As always, I was waiting for the right time to enjoy reading it on my throne.  If you get the drift.

As I opened the magazine with visions of exotic cars and man made machines in my head, I came across the editors opinion page written by Mark Rechtin.

Ok, so it's an opinion page, yet it's not about cars, but about "Equal Protection Under The Law" and shows two pictures, one of a white couple and another of a black couple.

Before I even read the article, it was quickly evident this was an anti-white hit piece by some left wing editor who just couldn't keep his mouth shut and his mind on his job.  Nope, can't do that.

He even goes on to state, "Some of you will read this and say, "Stay out of politics, Stick to cars."

The fact that he defended the piece in the opening paragraphs tells you right there, that he knew it was inappropriate before he even finished writing it.

Want my opinion?

Not only was there a racially charged op-ed, but also a racially charged article in the later pages.

The headline of the the article,  "Driving While Black - Chronicling A Chapter In America's History On The Road, and How Such Discrimination Continues Today.' 

Driving While Black


Was any of that on the front cover?  Nope.

The back cover?  Nope.

No indication that any of this was in the magazine.


Why? Because they knew that news-stand sales (already low due to Covid-19) would plummet even more.

In the end, the pages of my favorite car magazine is not the place to push racial rhetoric.

MotorTrend, I am disappointed in you and also done with you.

Your millennial staff got this one wrong.

You should have stuck to reporting on cars, not social justice.

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