Opinion: Hillary Clinton Committed Treason Newly Declassified Documents Show

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What – Are – We – Going – To – Do – About – It?


So, let me get this straight, you know, for my own edification.

Newly declassified documents prove Hillary Clinton colluded and conspired with John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey and many more, to push a fake Russian collusion on Trump, all to cover up her involvement with the deletion of 30,000 emails, many of which were classified at levels of Top Secret and below.  Not to mention that China, Russia and North Korea, among multiple enemy states, hacked those same servers and had gained access to those classified files.

One could easily argue that there is a strong possibility that Hillary may actually have sold that access to these foreign actors for financial gain.

You know, like the 20% of America’s Uranium that was sold to Russia without congressional approval.  You know, like that.  Or the 6 billion dollars that went missing while she was Secretary of State.  Yes, once again, you know, like that.

Obviously, she knows where all of the bodies are buried, who’s gay, who’s having affairs, who’s a pedophile and who the thieves and who the murderers are.  

I mean, how else is she still a free woman?  The evidence is stacked so high, you’d either have to be dumb or blind, or maybe both, not to see the truth that is right in front of us all.

Bear with me for a moment.

Everything the left has done to Trump since 2016, based on this newly declassified evidence, such as the Russia Collusion, the Mueller Witch Hunt, the Ukraine Phone Call and the sham impeachment, are all “Fruit of the poisonous tree.”  

Those who know legal jargon understand that phrase quite well.

Basically, it means that since 2016, when Hillary conspired to push the false narrative against Trump to cover up for her own misconduct, every single thing that came after that, because of that fake original campaign against Trump, not should, but is null and void.  
In other words, none of those other things would have ever occurred if Hillary Clinton had not started rolling that snowball down the mountain side during a snow storm and then lied about it.

President Trump should be publicly exonerated for all of these vile things that were done against him.  It is at minimum slander, but more likely an attempted coup that should really be considered treason.  

Keep in mind, based on this new evidence, we the people, now know, without a doubt, that everyone involved knew that the allegations against Trump were fake, false, worthless, made up and outright lies.

Think about that for one minute.  As they sat on news program after news program, in meetings on the hill after meetings, sat in chamber and accused the president of collusion, criminal and impeachable offenses, they all knew he was 100% innocent.  

How can that be ok?

How can we leave that, as is, and without punishing the guilty?

How can we not go after all of them, pull them by the hair out of their comfy and fortified homes, and not drag them to the gallows as was customary during the founding of our country?

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’ve been at war with a group of treasonous bastards for a long time, all along knowing who they were, and now, that we have the evidence, what are good American patriots going to do about it?

I'll ask you again:

What – Are – We – Going – To – Do – About – It?

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