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Nancy Pelosi Drunk As A Skunk On Your Tax Payer Dollars - Do You Really Support This?

Posted on: Fri, 08/21/2020 - 13:07 By: admin
Video file

Not gonna say much - just gonna let this video do the talking.


Holy Mother Mary of God.  This woman is truly deplorable.


#RiseUp, #DefendTheRepublic, #MAGA, #TRUMP2020, #DemocratsAreEvil, #DeepState, #Facebook, #Twitter, #Google, #QANON, #Parler, #ParlerUSA, #Pelosi, #NancyPelosi, #Speakerofthehouse

Kim Klacik - Baltimore Conservative Running For Office Gives BLM a Run For Their Money

Posted on: Thu, 08/20/2020 - 00:54 By: admin
Video file

Wow, just wow.  A black conservative with charisma, honesty, who is outspoken and spot on.  

Kim Klacik is running for office in Baltimore against a cabal of liberal opposition.

I think she can win.  We just need to get this video out to everyone in Baltimore.

Show the world, the country and especially voters in Baltimore what the real Baltimore looks like.

So share the hell out of this and make a difference today!

#RiseUp, #DefendTheRepublic, #MAGA, #TRUMP2020, #DemocratsAreEvil, #Republicans, #KimKlacik, #Baltimore, #Parler, #ParlerUSA, 

If You Haven't Seen This Video - Now Is The Time! Corsi Exposes The Truth!

Posted on: Thu, 08/20/2020 - 00:28 By: admin
Video file

Jerome R. Corsi, PH.D. tells it like it is.  He's a political investigative reporter who does not take your, nor anyone else's word verbatim.  He researches, investigates and validates.

In this short video clip, you'll gain more information and truth about QANON, the Deep State, the CIA, Facebook, Twitter and Google and so much more.

Prepare and get ready - things will get ugly before the election, but have no fear, truth, justice and righteousness will prevail.

Share the hell out of this video!

Stanford Scraping Their Admissions Testing Requirements - Will It Benefit Patients? Probably Not.

Posted on: Tue, 08/18/2020 - 16:02 By: admin

So let me get this straight.  You no longer have to take an admissions test to enter Stanford's medical program?

Sort of like no longer requiring SATs before going to a college or university.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Not.

I guess that means that all of those NYC and Baltimore High School graduates, who cannot read, write nor do basic math,are a shoe-in for Stanford's medical program.

What kind and level of doctor will that produce after four or six years?   Will these new entrants even make it through the 1st semester? 

ShadowGate: The Documentary The Deep State Arrested Millie Weaver For Releasing

Posted on: Tue, 08/18/2020 - 00:14 By: admin

Not much to say here - watch the documentary below and make up your own mind.

But, that being said, something smells fishy and no one is cutting bait.

Click for external source used for blog

#RiseUp, #DefendTheRepublic, #MAGA, #TRUMP2020, #DemocratsAreEvil

Post Office Can't Even Deliver Mail Consistently To Someone 2 Miles From My House - How Will They Deliver Mail-In Ballots?

Posted on: Mon, 08/17/2020 - 18:53 By: admin

Truth be told, the Post Office has screwed everyone at some time or another.  Ask anyone.

Now, they are to be responsible for collecting, processing and delivering hundreds of millions of mail-in ballots when they can't even deliver a check mailed from my house to contractors that work for me less than 2 miles from my house.


In the last 6 months, they failed to deliver mail from my house to multiple recipients that live only a few short miles from me.

Legal Expert - Kamala Harris May Not Be Legally Able To Run For VP

Posted on: Fri, 08/14/2020 - 02:14 By: admin

One of the requirements to hold the office of President is that you are a Natural Born Citizen.

According to the 12th Amendment, “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

Kamala Harris, according to some legal scholars, may not be able to fulfill that requirement as both of her parents, at the time of her birth, were not American citizen.

Liberals - No Covid Financial Relief? You Can Blame Your Democratic Party - Whom You Elected

Posted on: Mon, 08/10/2020 - 19:01 By: admin

Democrats leave DC for late summer break until September 14th, and do nothing to barter on new stimulus package - leaving millions of Americans without.

Shame on you democrats.

I hope that all of you so called "political leaders" in the democratic party, keep in mind, that one day, future generations will look back at today and they will remember how democrats threw their own brothers and sisters off of the cliff.

Just like all of you that voted to impeach President Trump on false and made up charges without any real evidence.  

Dumbocrats Plan to Sue Trump Over Executive Orders for COVID Relief

Posted on: Mon, 08/10/2020 - 18:43 By: admin

If democrats want to sue Trump over his executive orders, that they say is tantamount to the president creating legislation without congress, they have a steep hill to climb.

Former president Obama did the exact same thing with his executive order over DACA.

The precedent and bar have been set and no one in congress, nor the supreme court had any issue with what Obama's executive orders did.

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