How America's Black vs. White Is Slowly Turning Into Israel vs. Palestine

Posted on: Sun, 07/05/2020 - 14:58 By: admin

Recently someone on Facebook posted an opinion from the 1960's, that people marching while exercising their 2nd amendment rights by open carrying long guns, is all about perspective, or "how you look at it" they said.

They compared armed Black Panther protesters from the 1960's marching for their right to what they perceived as a lack of freedom for blacks, against 2020 white protesters marching for the right to haircuts during the pandemic.

Gonna have to stop you right there missy.  They were not marching for haircuts, they were marching for their constitutional rights that were being denied to them, as their Mayors and Governors where arresting white people for going out to the beach or opening their business, while those same officials allowed riots and looting in their streets with impunity.  

Not the same thing, not even close.

In comparison, what do you say to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers in Israel, who while on personal time, carry their rifles with them wherever they go? Because, you know, the Palestinians are so peaceful.

America is quickly becoming similar to the West Bank. Jews against Muslims, but here it is whites against blacks. The Jews have tried for decades to give Palestine what they want without giving up what the Jewish state has already been given by God and has rightfully claimed.

The Palestinians are never satisfied, always wanting more. They are so hell-bent on attaining their unattainable goal, the results of their actions have left Palestine in rubble and ruin with generations of Palestinians continuing a fight that does nothing but destroy their future. Each new born child is taught to hate and kill Jews anew. Will they ever break the cycle of teaching hatred to each new generation?

This is what BLM and Black Panthers want too, an unattainable goal. No one is going to pay them reparations for slavery that they were not part of, nor alive during. No one is going to give these fanatics 40 acres and 2 mules. But they will continue to teach their children the same fake hatred they have themselves, that they are being willfully disenfranchised by the white man. Nothing is further from the truth.

Where is their outrage over real and actual slavery going on in Africa and the Middle East today?  Over 1 million black people are still being sold into slavery each and every year.  America is the freest and most accommodating place on earth for the black race.  Bar none.  Nowhere else does any person of color, race or religion have more freedom than the United States of America.  It seems that many are just to blind with hatred to see that truth.

Where is their outrage over 3000 shot and 800 killed annually in Chicago alone?  With 85% of those shootings being black on black?  What about the country as a whole? 325,000 black on black murders over the last 35 years, an average of 9285 deaths per year.  Where do they stand on that statistic?

Where is their outrage over 1 million black babies aborted each and every year by Planned Parenthood, a leftist liberal democrat controlled death machine?

In truth, blacks have been provided more opportunity, more welfare, more social justice programs than any white person in history.

Yet, somehow, when they don't even try to further themselves, it's the white man's fault.

Every successful black person today, from blue collar workers, from white collar workers to the rich athletes and the rich self-made millionaires, is a testament that their battle-cry of racism is the biggest lie being told in America today.

You either educate yourself, learn a trade or skill, apply that knowledge, work hard, or you stand around and protest how unfairly you think everyone else of a different race or color is treating you.

Case in point, NFAC's Leader, Grand Master Jay, describing how he will build his Ethnostate inside the USA.

Click for the video

Bottom line, welfare has done nothing but further divide our country.  Welfare does not help people in the long run.  All it accomplishes is to further the welfare state.  When you don't work for a living, when you don't earn your own money, when you never learn the pride of ownership of something you expended sweat, blood and tears over, all you ever know, is to ask for more handouts, and when those handouts aren't at the same level as those that produce their own wealth, then they feel that they are being wronged.  It then becomes easier to blame others for your own failures. 

It's easy to continue the lie of racism of blacks against whites, because yes, at one point in our history, it actually existed in that form.  But, we overcame and changed our ways.  Yet today, that part of America is still being used as a crutch. 

When that racism cry doesn't help in furthering their cause, they even turn on their own, calling anyone that is black and trying to speak with reason, Uncle Tom.

What say you?

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