Mr. "Defund The Police", Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown Indicted On Fraud Charges

Posted on: Wed, 07/29/2020 - 19:11 By: admin

The louder someone on the left screams and yells about their social justice ideas, or their delusional liberal causes, the more likely they are guilty of having broken the law, or having done something immoral themselves.

This is proven every single time.  Especially with democrats.  Republicans aren't immune to this either, but it occurs far less often on the right.

Case in point, Mr. "Defund The Police", democratic Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown, an outspoken proponent of the anti-law-and-order movement in Atlanta, was indicted today in federal court for defrauding the government, which ultimately means he defrauded the law abiding and tax paying constituents in his district.

Just like Barrack Obama was the first black president elected in the United States, Antonio Brown was the first black and openly gay person ever elected to the Atlanta City Council.

Those that voted for either had high hopes, only to find out years later that they had voted for a Manchurian candidate in one election and a cheater, liar and fraudster in the other.  Well, actually Obama qualifies for all of those descriptions.  

Pay attention who you vote for.  Make sure they will actually represent your voice in their position and the office they hold.

In any case, neither of these two men deserve your nor my respect.

What say you?

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