America Was Great, Is Great, and Will Continue To Be Great

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America is great because she is good

A liberal acquaintance of mine on Facebook, posed the following question.

MAGA quiz.

What year/years do you consider great so that the US can be great again?

* please limit your answer to a time when you were a minimum of 16 or older. Before that you were still feeding off your parents teat or have no real life knowledge of that time period.

This below was my response.

Let me tell you a little story.

An 11 year old German boy, who had just lost all of his possessions along with his parents, was adopted by his cousin who had married an American and was living in the United States of America. As this young boy, who spoke no English, immigrated to the United States, upon landing on her shores, he made a startling discovery.  

The United States of America was an awesome place and a great place, when compared to his homeland of Germany.   All of the rumors he had heard back home were true.  It really was the land of golden opportunity.  Everyone he now came to know, was a home owner, owned two cars, the children all had bicycles, hockey sticks, baseball gloves, went to school 5 days a week, had great teachers who taught subjects such as American history, World history, civics, home economics, shop classes in wood and metal work, even small engine repair and auto mechanics.  

He learned the English language as quickly as he could, even having an after-school tutor to learn proper English pronunciations so that he would not have a German accent when he spoke.  

He stood proud every morning in school, with his right hand over his heart, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance with true belief and determination in his voice.

He played street hockey, basketball, kickball, stickball, baseball, football and soccer with the other children in his neighborhood.  They explored and they learned.  He went to Sunday school at a Catholic church and attended church services as well.   America was a great and awesome country during this time in the mid 1970s.  

He did not come from wealth, nor were his adoptive parents rich.  They were blue collar and middle class workers.

Most of these things, if not all, have been eliminated from the American life style and from the American school system.  Who is to blame for that?  Well, who has controlled the educational system in the United States since the late 1970s? 

You guessed it, the democratic party.  Today, the ratio of liberal teachers with liberal/socialist ideology in our high schools and colleges, compared to conservative teachers is 8 to 1, and that ratio is getting even further apart year after year.  If you are an admitted conservative, you cannot even get a job as a teacher today, as they rule you out during your job interview if your beliefs don’t lean so far left, that communism and socialism aren't the first two words out of your mouth.

At age 17, still a German citizen, but an American green-card carrying alien, he did not go to college, he joined the United States Navy instead, to defend the country he had come to love and revere so much.  In 1983, at age 18, he became a naturalized United States Citizen, so proud of his Navy affiliation, he even wore his white cracker jack uniform during his swearing in ceremony, which took place right in front of the liberty bell in Philadelphia.  

This 11 year old, who now was 18, could see what so many around him could not, that America was great and it’s heritage, it’s laws, it’s constitution and the republic for which it stood, was worth defending and preserving.

Fast forward to the year 2008, and a democratic candidate named Barack Obama was voted into the presidency of the United States.  Fast forward to 2016 and race relations in this county were worse since the 1970s, worse than the 1980s, worse than the 1990 and yes, worse than the years of the first one and half decades of the 2000’s. 

Highest black unemployment ever.

Highest black incarceration ever.

Highest medical insurance rates and highest amount of  uninsured ever.

The first black president did not do has he had promised.  He did not make the lives of Americans, and especially not black Americans, better.

So what happened next?  

Americans, including the so called “Black Vote” voted for an outsider.  A non-politician, hoping for the change he promised.

Did he delivery?  

Lowest unemployment rate for blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women ever recorded.  
Income equality on the rise and criminal reform to help who?  
Blacks, Hispanics and other disadvantaged minorities.  Largest tax breaks in history that put thousands of dollars back into the pockets of the working class of all colors.

But this was just too much for the democratic party to bare.  They had worked so hard for decades to brain wash the youth and future generations of America.  They just about had them where they wanted them, in a place where they were willing to give up their constitutional freedoms, give up their republic and give up their capitalistic lifestyle for socialism, which in every country in the world where it was ushered in, turned into communism.  Russia, North Korea, Cuba and yes, Venezuela and many other such places have been literally destroyed and turned into 3rd world countries where the citizen don’t know where their next meal is coming from, when the power will be turned back on or if there will be a doctor available when they need one.

This is what is coming to America if the left is allowed to put Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the new “Green Deal” democratic party in charge.

They want to destroy the constitution, the republic and our way of life.  They want to take away our individualism and our freedoms.

They want us to be slaves to them, while at the same time calling conservatives racist, xenophobic and slave owners who should pay reparations to blacks who were never slaves and at the same time, these white conservatives, were never slave owners.  

No one living today, should be held to account for what their ancestors before them may or may not have done.

Are you going to call me a Nazi because I was born in Germany?  

That is the liberal way of thinking today among those brains washed young people who are out there rioting, looting and destroying our cities, businesses and neighborhoods.  

The democrats have done little to nothing to stop this insanity.  

So yes, to answer your question, America was once great.  However, due to the influence of far-left liberal ideology, it had faltered years ago.  Much so, during the Obama-Biden years.

However, President Trump, voted into office in 2016 by conservatives, and who will do so again in 2020, has kept to his word.  He has brought realization to his promises, even though the left has done nothing but fight him every inch of the way.  The democratic party is in it only for themselves, not for America and definitely not for Americans.  

President Trump is the polar opposite, and he’s in it for America and for Americans.

Not only has he made America Great Again, his promise to “Keep America Great” has not gone unnoticed by his supporters.  

America is the land of golden opportunity. It does require grit, effort and a strong spirit.  You will succeed if you push yourself, learn from your failures and support your country and your fellow Americans.  

It will give you nothing if you sit in front of the TV, playing Xbox, living off of government assistance, refuse to work hard, refuse to learn and refuse to be a true American.

I could go on for another 10,000 words, but I think you get how I feel.

Like Kamala Harris liked to say , "Oh, that little girl was me!", well, that 11 year old German boy was and still is, me.

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