The Shot That Should Have Been Heard Around The World

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The Shot That Should Have Been Heard Around The World

On the eve of August 29th, 2020, ANTIFA and BLM members hunted down a conservative Trump supporter in Portland and executed him in cold blood.

This is nothing like the Kyle Rittenhouse story from Kenosha WI, where Kyle, in self defense, shot 3 men, killing 2 of them, as they were attacking him. 

In the same scenario as in Portland, Kyle was targeted and chased by armed rioters.

However, in Portland, Aaron Jay Danielson, a Patriot Prayer member and a Christian conservative was either not armed, or never got the chance to defend himself as he was gunned down.

Folks, this is the shot that should have been heard around the world.  A Christian conservative being targeted, hunted and executed.  

This is 1000 times worse than any black criminal getting shot because he fought with the police officers trying to arrest him.  

This is 1000 times worse than any black on black crime as occurs every day in Chicago. 

This, my friends, is the first shot fired in a Civil War.

People will now arm themselves, even with concealed weapons, regardless whether they have a permit or not, and all hell will soon break loose.

This execution is not going to be swept under the rug, there will be some sort of retaliation where extreme right wing supporters will now target ANTIFA and BLM members.

This will be similar to a turf war between two rival gangs as occurs in Chicago, LA, NYC and other places.  Except this time, it will one political ideology against another.

This is what they have wanted on the left all along, all out war in the streets.

They may have finally succeeded.

This can only get worse from here.

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