Roger Stone To Report To Prison July 14th - An American Travesty Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Posted on: Sat, 06/27/2020 - 02:09 By: admin

So let me get this straight. Crooks are being let out of jail to avoid getting Covid-19 in jail. We're talking rapists, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, child molesters and domestic abusers (Think Rayshard Brooks), but Roger Stone, who's at high risk for Covid-19 due to his age and health, is going to prison for a process crime?

Did I get that about right?

Now that the Mueller investigation has been exposed for the fraud that it was, a coup attempt no less, everyone that was tried and convicted by that team should be freed and their sentences vacated immediately. It's called, "The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree."

President Trump, it's time to pardon this man. He stood up for you, time to stand up for him and the rest of us.

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