Minneapolis City Council Members Have Private Security Paid For By Tax Dollars While They Are In Midst Of Defunding Police

Posted on: Sat, 06/27/2020 - 12:35 By: admin

Folks, you can't make up this insanity.  

When are good people in Minneapolis going to have had enough and storm city hall and drag these traitors out into the street and demand new leadership?

The city council is spending $4,500 per day to provide private security for the council's members, while the average citizen and their businesses are left to burn without any police support, and to make things worse, these same city council members have voted to defund and disband the local police department.

When will the citizen of Minneapolis wake up from their stupor and take action? 

Or is it that anyone with a single thread of rationality left in their mind has already left and moved out?

Keep in mind, our forefathers would have been shooting by now to protect their freedom, their homes, their families and their rights.

It's high time we took our elected officials to task to protect ours.

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