How China, Google And The Democratic Party Destroyed My Business

Posted on: Sat, 07/25/2020 - 19:49 By: admin

In 2006 I had a thriving "work from home" business, reselling aftermarket toner and inkjet products. 

I affectionately named the business, Samurai Ink.  Corny, yes, but it worked.

I was able to provide my customers with some of the best after market brands for less that half the cost of the name brand products.

I would find new customers via word of mouth and by advertising through Google Adwords, one of Google's business tools.

Basically, I would create small ads that would run on a Google search page where a customer was looking for the same keywords I used in the ad.

The way it worked, was that you bid on each and every click with the hopes that you had a high enough conversion rate from people clicking your ad to them actually purchasing products from your website.

It worked because of two reasons.

One, the low cost at wholesale of the products I was selling, and two, the low cost of the clicks with Google Adwords.

At that time, my cost per click was between 5 and 15 cents.  My conversion rate was 1 in 10.  That meant that for every 10 clicks, one customer actually purchased a product.  Basically, it cost me between 50 cents and $1.50 per new customer.  On average, I made $15 to $25 profit per sale.  

The dynamics were perfect.

Until two things happened.  The weird thing, is that they occurred both at the exact same time, with the result being that I was out of business overnight.

FIrst, the US government changed some import rules, allowing Chinese companies to now sell directly to US customers (rather than through resellers like myself) via Ebay and Amazon.  Not only did the Chinese now sell directly to US customers, they also shipped each order directly from China as US Customs laws were also relaxed.

Second, as the market was all of a sudden flooded with Chinese aftermarket toners and inkjet supplies direct form China, Google changed their Adwords business model and algorithms.  All of a sudden my required cost for a click on Google went from 15 cents to several dollars per click. 

At first I absorbed the cost, but my revenue was plummeting.  As the days turned into weeks, the cost for the clicks quickly shot up to $5 or $10 per click. 

At these levels, I was unable to continue as the profit margins started to slip too low and eventually evaporated entirely.

To make things worse, the Chinese sellers, many of them selling directly from the factories, undercut my wholesale cost, selling below it, directly to the customers with either very cheap shipping or free shipping included.

Within a 2 month period, October and November 2006, I went from operating a very profitable self employed business, to being out of business with inventory I couldn't give away and owing money to the bank for that same inventory.  In the end, I sold the inventory to a competitor for pennies on the dollar and barely settled my debts.

My business wasn't the only one destroyed back then, as the online forums were ablaze with many stories similar to my own.

At the time I didn't put two and two together.  Looking back today, with all that we now know about China and their fraudulent practices and shanghaied trade agreements, I am starting to see a pattern emerging that they were up to no good a long time ago.

At least 14 years by my count.

Why is this important now?  Because, I believe, that Google conspired with the Democratic party and China to destroy and disenfranchise America's small businesses.  Just think for one minute, what happened next?

Obama is what happened next.  He promised to fix all of this.  He promised to take care of the small businesses, etc, etc, etc.

Of course he never did any of that.  But the ruse worked.  Beaten and destroyed, millions of small business owners flocked to the voting booths in 2008 to elect the first black president who held so much hope for the small guy.

Are you seeing the collusion yet?  Are the puzzle pieces falling into place for you yet?

They sure are for me.

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