Regardless of John Lewis's Civil Rights Do-Good Past - He, Like All Politicians - Was A Snake In The Grass

Posted on: Mon, 07/27/2020 - 12:02 By: admin

While Washington's elites were busy patting themselves on the back, as they sat in a virtual Shiva and praised their crooked colleague who just passed, the truth about John Lewis is slowly bubbling to the surface, even as the liberal controlled main stream media pushes it's fake praise and golden narrative for the man.

At one point, decades ago, John Lewis may have been a civil rights icon, as a man who pushed the envelope for his kindred.  That, however, died out a long time ago, when he traded his righteousness for the almighty dollar like every other politician before him and most likely after him.

Case in point, during that last election, Lewis ran unopposed, yet took in close to 4 million dollars for his campaign.  None of that money was ever used, as he had no opposition, yet somehow, there is no accounting for it.

Where did it go?

Keep in mind, Lewis's congressional district, that he was in charge of, has one of the highest rates of poverty and highest rates of crime in the state of GA.

As he lay in hospice care, dying of cancer, he refused to step down from his position.  Why?  Well, because like the 4 million he lined his pockets with in 2018, his campaign was busy lining his pockets once again for the 2020 election

John Lewis, righteous?  

Not by a long shot as he used his so called quest for "Civil Rights" as a means to become filthy rich.

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