Time To Blow The San Andreas Fault and Push The West Coast Out To Sea

Posted on: Thu, 09/24/2020 - 13:12 By: admin

Andre Taylor, Pimp of Seattle
Andre Taylor, Pimp of Seattle

Let's admit the obvious. The west coast of the United States is no longer a part of the United States. At least not morally.

I suggest that the idiots, the crooks, the criminals and the like, move from everywhere else in the USA to the west coast. It's obvious that is where all of your brethren live. They'll welcome you with open arms.

Criminal with a record? Pimp? Human Trafficker? No problem! $150k job to tell the rest of us how the police should work.

Pedophile? Sex trafficker? Lover of sex with kids? No problem!

$150k job to be the guidance counselor at one of our many fine K-12 schools.

Time to blow the San Andreas fault and push the west coast out to sea.


Seattle just hired Andre Taylor, convicted Pimp and human trafficker, as their new Police community advisor.  

Unbelievable.  The criminals are being put in charge.

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