PayPal Should Really Be Called TheftPal

Posted on: Wed, 09/30/2020 - 00:33 By: admin

The most interesting changes to PayPal's new Account User Agreement as of 10/16/2020.

"We are clarifying that your ability to use any payment method linked to your PayPal account to buy something at a seller’s physical store using an electronic terminal or to buy something at a seller’s physical store using your own mobile device and a QR code may be subject to certain limitations."

This really means that they can deny a purchase that you make at a Store they don't approve of.  Like a gun store, or a store that is aligned with a particular political party.

"We are adding biometric data to the types of personal data which may be collected to accommodate voice recognition capabilities for increased security. Your consent will be requested before this data is collected."

Oh, boy, more invasion of privacy and personal biometric data.  What's next, you need to provide DNA to sign up?

... and last, but not least:

"We are establishing a dispute fee and its terms and conditions for sellers."

You now have to pay PayPal to when someone disputes a charge or item sale or receipt of a delivered item that the buyer states they never got.

One of the reasons I stopped selling on EBay years ago because PayPal always sided with the buyer leaving sellers holding the bag.  Now they're going to make you pay for buyers dishonesty too. 

Of course the only way not to be held under such tyranny, is to quit using PayPal.
They should really be called TheftPal.

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