Majority of Millennials Don't Even Know How To Open The Hood On Their Cars

Posted on: Sat, 10/24/2020 - 14:00 By: admin

In the 1970's when I went to grade school, we had metal shop, wood shop, home economics - we learned to cook and to sew. 

We had small engine repair classes, automotive mechanics and many additional electives.

You know, everyday life stuff.

Today?  Not so much, as this article below illustrates.  Young adults have no clue on how the world works.  They can't maintain their cars, their apartments, their homes, their yards or anything else.  They are 100% clueless. 

How did that happen?

40 years of a liberal controlled educational system.  They have planned for decades to dumb down America.

Well, good for you, you've achieved your goal.  The current generation can't check the oil in their cars, don't know how to inflate a tire, or any of the other day-to-day maintenance things they are responsible for on their cars and homes.

We live in a very sad world right now.

Time to bring back mandatory shop classes, home economics classes and while you're at it, civics classes and American patriotic history classes.  

How hard can that be?

Well, you'd have to fire all of the liberal teachers from K thru 12, and of course the traitorous college and university educators, who have done nothing but turn our children and young adults into worthless social justice warriors who can't even tie their own shoes.

Great job liberals, great job.

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